19" Silver Elastic Loop (50/pack)

19" Silver Elastic Loop for Photography Presentation Boxes
Price: $9.99
19" Silver Elastic Loop (50/pack)
19" Silver Elastic Loop (50/pack)
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19" Silver Elastic Loop.  50/pack.  These loops are a great way to secure your Photography Presentation Box.  Each loop is 1/16" in diameter and is tied in a simple yet elegant bow.  When stretched from corner to opposite corner, they fit our boxes perfectly.  

Below is a table showing the loops that will fit the boxes:

PH19S and PH19G 
Fits boxes:  PH881xxx, PH1085xxx, PH1081xxx, PH14115xxx, PH14111xxx, PH10101xxx, PH12121xxx, PH1191xxx

Wildcat's elastic loops are a proven way to help prevent damage and protect your valuable prints and proofs, plus they look great.