Custom Made Packaging

Custom Made boxes
If you can't find the perfect packaging on our website, please contact our service department. We are manufacturers, so we may be able to make custom packaging for you that perfectly fits your needs. 

If you can't find the perfect color in stock, Wildcat can 

Don't settle for a color that is "close enough". Your brand matters, so be demanding. Expect perfect color when ordering custom made packaging from Wildcat. 
Many sizes


Can't find the perfect size package online? That's okay. We can make boxes to fit tiny bearings and rings all the way to boxes that fit large coats and auto parts. 
Custom Printed Boxes


Wildcat can custom print your packaging too. We can print one to eight straight colors. We can also print four color process. Coatings can be applied to your custom packaging. Coatings include varnish, aqueous, or UV coatings in matte or gloss finishes. We can even coat your packaging with our popular Soft Touch coating.
Custom Foil Stamped Boxes


Try foil stamping, debossing blind, or debossing with color for your custom made packaging. 

Our capabilities will allow you to create a package that is limited only by your imagination. Custom packaging requires a minimum purchase. The minimum depends on the specifications you require.

Typical minimum purchasing requirements are 250 boxes per sizes.

All of these options and more are available from Wildcat Wholesale. To learn more, visit our partner company's website, BRIMAR PACKAGING USA. Visit their site HERE.

Feel free to call us at 800-696-3080 to discuss your options.

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