Greeting Card Box

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Greeting Card Box
A Wildcat Clear Lid Greeting Card Box is an economical, yet professional way to package and display greeting cards and envelopes.

We've created the technology to provide you with full-color images directly printed on clear lid boxes. This isn't one color foil stamping or laser engraving. This is full color, CMYK, process printing. Best of all, we'll print your items in small case quantities, affordably. Once you upload your art, we'll be able to print all of your packaging with the same logo, brand, look, and feel. Consistent branding so your studio stands out from the competition.

A Wildcat Greeting Card Box bottom is white in, white out, and extra sturdy. It's made of clean, white, retail grade cardboard and wrapped in a glamorous white swirl embossed paper. The paper has a special coating to help resist dirt and fingerprints.
The lid is made of crystal clear vinyl so that your cards can easily be seen while keeping them clean and secure.  Let your beautifual greeting cards sell themselves.  Package them in a Wildcat clear lid greeting card box!
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